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February Blog by Black Girl Florists


Above All Flowers & New Bloom Solutions are excited and honored to be in collaboration with Black Girl Florist initiative & community. We would like to take this moment to let them introduce themselves to our AAF & NBS community. If you have any questions about this collaboration or you would like to connect with Black Girl Florist please let us know. 

It all started with a list.

The racial turmoil in the summer of 2020 sparked a movement of support for Black-owned businesses in a new way in the United States and beyond. In various industries, companies intentionally published lists of Black-owned businesses that potential clients could patronize.

During this time, I sought out community and connection with florists who looked like me. I wanted to create a place that people could visit to support Black women-owned businesses. Our website,, hosts a list of Black women-owned flower businesses for clients to shop from and support. As I typed each business on the “Find a Florist” page, it became evident that there were more than just a “few” Black women-owned small businesses in the floral industry.

List turned organization.

As the list expanded, so did the requests for support and connection. We started by hosting a monthly Flower Club where the florists could meet virtually with other Black women florists around the country. After successful Flower Club meetings, we added a layer of leadership and began building relationships with vendors and floral organizations.

Why are we here?

Black Girl Florists was created to support and celebrate Black women in floristry. This is a space for us to connect and grow. In this community, we develop our businesses and talent, all the while connecting with other Black women florists and sharing with the community. In our organization, we provide resources and create opportunities for Black women in the floral industry to be able to grow their businesses and talent.

Our Mission

The goal of Black Girl Florists is to promote and support Black women florists, their creativity, and contributions to the industry, while acting as a space for support, connection, and educational resources. We do this with our three pillars: Community, Collaboration, Champion.

Where are we going?

Black Girl Florist has seen great expansion since its inception in 2020. We envision a growing organization where Black women florists can find support, network, and creative opportunities. We are starting by partnering with companies and organizations that champion Black women florists. This will lead to great representation in the industry and allow for our voices to be heard and talent to be seen. Continuing to connect Black women florists to other Black women florists in the industry is one of our primary goals as we work to break down gatekeeping and eliminate competition. Our unity makes us stronger. The sharing of our talent and experiences enriches our presence in the industry and creates a long-lasting legacy for the next Black Girl Florist.


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