Blog Ideas For All Sectors Of The Flower Industry

The floral industry is thriving globally. The current market size, measured by revenue, of the Florists industry is $6.0bn in 2022. But the industry declined during the COVID-19 pandemic; this just goes to show that good times don’t last forever. So, even though the industry is rising right now, it doesn’t mean it will always be. 

Thus, wholesalers and florists must develop new and unique marketing techniques to build their authority and ensure their business stays afloat during the next economic crisis.

Among the many marketing techniques available, blogging is the most beneficial. Did you know that blogs have been rated the 5th most trustworthy source when it comes to gathering information on the internet? That’s right! Blogs are a great way to improve your SEO score, educate your audience, and build authority in your niche. 

Importance Of Blogging For The Floral Industry 

A blog is a marketing tactic that helps you widen your reach and connect with your audience. 81% of customers trust blog information when they want to stay informed on a topic or solve a specific problem. The following are the benefits of blogging for all sectors of the flower industry. 

Drives Traffic

Blogging helps drive traffic to your website. For instance, the more pages you add to your website, such as blogs, the more pages are indexed and increase your chances of showing up on search engine results. It also shows Google that your website is active and you are regularly updating content. 

Generates Leads

Once traffic comes into your websites, your blogs will turn them into leads. For instance, a visitor enters your site and sees clear and strong call-to-actions for free blog posts and educational content that will help them navigate the floral industry. 

They click on it and enter a landing page where they will receive free blogs in exchange for information. Tada! Now you can reach out to such visitors and offer your service or products.

Understand Your Target Audience

The best thing about blogging is you get invaluable insights into your customers’ likes, dislikes, and interests. Such data will help you improve your product and service accordingly and generate content that helps them with their queries. 

Now that you know the importance of blogging, let’s discuss some blog ideas for all sectors of the flower industry.

For Wholesalers & Distributors 

Some popular blog ideas include:

For wholesalers, blogs are a great way to highlight their company culture and educate their audience on why they are the best choice for wholesale flowers. You can generate buzz and strong leads by highlighting your employees, the companies you work with, and the events you have collaborated on.

For Florists 

Some popular blog ideas include:

Florists can use blogging as an opportunity to share information at the farm level and why it is essential. They can also blog about their employees, share tips on how to treat flowers to increase their shelf-life, and show how flowers are chosen and selected for bouquets and floral arrangements. 

The best way to generate blog ideas is to conduct a survey and see what your audience wants to learn about. Think from your customer’s perspective and generate organic leads through blogging. You can also use web apps such as If you need any pointers or consulting, reach out to the flower industry specialists at Above All Flower & New Bloom Solutions at

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