IFE Show Recap and Fun Innovation Standouts at the show.

At New Bloom Solutions, we always strive to bring you the best and latest in floral innovations. We have done exactly that in this article by outlining 6 of the coolest innovations we saw at the recent International Floriculture Expo 2021 in Miami. If you’re interested in some of the latest innovations in floriculture, these are sure to satisfy you.

1. Flower Shopping Carts by Melody Farms

David Bustamante, the Director of Melody Farms, understands the problems with floor space that stores have and has come up with an innovation to tackle it. Supermarket floor space is extremely expensive, which is why Melody Farms places their small, medium, and petite arrangements in shopping carts to maximize space. The carts even have two small shelves hanging off the sides to display their floral arrangement and combine consumer bunches, bouquets, and floral arrangements all in one place.

2. Branded Mini Trees by Dutchman Tree Farms

Justin Bartlett of Dutchman Tree Farms spoke to us about their branded mini trees and their variety, including Magical Mini trees, My Surprise trees, and the Piano Plants. The best part is that they’re geared around different upcoming children’s movies, opening up an entirely new audience for plants and trees.

Their special Christmas trees called “My Surprise trees,” like the Magical Mini trees, come with a box of decorations, lights, and a tree topper. Young ones can spend time decorating and putting their own twists on their personal, live trees. After the season is over, they can even plant the tree!

Their newest innovation is the Piano Plant, which allows kids to play the piano by touching the different leaves of the plant. With preprogrammed songs from specific movies and the ability to pair the plant via Bluetooth, this is an innovative concept we haven’t seen before. We love this idea because it uses something existing to give young children a new appreciation for plants and greenery.

3. Flowers 2 Give by Rosadex

Flowers 2 Give is a service that Rosadex started for visitors to their farm. Rosadex is part of a family business that has been around for seven generations and over 200 years. When visitors come to see the historic house and farm in Ecuador, they send their loved ones flowers from the farm instead of postcards. This service is now available online, and people can buy flowers for their loved ones directly from the farm.

The money is also going to a great cause because of Rosadex’s “1 Bouquet, 1 Book” program that sends a book to the school next door for every bouquet sold.

4. Scent Sation by Dream Farms

Sustainability may be a trend in the floral industry, but it’s more than that for Dream Farms. Their bouquets are 100% eco-friendly, with the flowers themselves being rainforest certified. In addition to this, all the materials used for packaging are also organic or eco-friendly, including burlap, and biodegradable sleeves.

Dream Farms’ flowers also change scents weekly so that customers always have a fresh scent to look forward to. If you’re hoping to catch them at their next show, don’t miss SAF in Orlando!

5. Flower Globes by Bill Doran Company

While Bill Doran company is known for their rose globes, they have now taken it a step further. At IFE, they displayed their orchid and sunflower flower globes and plan to add even more variety. They also have new color palettes and new glassware in the works and hope to diversify their line.

Currently, their flower globes are used for celebrations and as gifts and they want to appeal to occasions of all kinds. We may all be used to circular globes, but Bill Doran Company is introducing all different kinds of shapes, including top hats, and heart globes, which are great for occasions like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Look out for the football shape which is coming in 2022!

6. Innovative Spray Roses by Ponte Tresa

While most rose growers on the market are sticking to what they know, Ponte Tresa is innovating and focusing on a new line of spray roses. Spray roses are smaller than traditional roses, but have as many as 45 petals on a single flower, giving them a fanned-out look. Ponte Tresa’s new line of spray roses not only has bigger heads but also consists of more blooms per stem and boasts an extended vase life.

In addition to innovation, they’re a brand focusing on environmental impact and sustainability. They’re also tackling their clients’ biggest problem, i.e., cancellations, by ensuring they have grown enough to fulfill all of their standing orders.

IFE 2021 – A Different Kind of Expo

After the COVID-19 pandemic and myriad of canceled and postponed trade fairs and flower shows, New Bloom Solutions was delighted to attend the International Floriculture Expo in Miami, Florida. The floral industry was finally able to come together, with people able to reconnect with old friends and meet newcomers.

While the turnout was lower than usual, this was expected given the pandemic and hesitation to travel. That being said, many people at the exhibition admitted to this having a positive impact on the expo. Buyers could spend more time at each booth, and there was more personal interaction in general.

One of the best reasons to go to floral industry shows and fairs is to connect with people and gain new ideas and fresh perspectives. This year’s International Floriculture Expo certainly achieved that. Learn more about the industry and take advantage of floral industry consulting by contacting us here.

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