List of Podcasts and Shows For Florists 2023

During COVID, we all saw a huge increase in content hitting the social media airways – which only improved the flow of information, networking, and business growth opportunities. Florists and other floral industry professionals can now enjoy the company of their fellow floral industry peers through conversational podcasts and shows that can be listened to and watched in their houses, workspaces, cars, or any other place they prefer.

These podcasts and shows are not only great for inspiration but also for assisting in their floral journeys and connecting all sectors together. The beauty of these podcasts and shows is that they can be paused and resumed at any time and place. Here’s a list, in no specific order, of some podcasts and shows for flower enthusiasts and professionals alike. We are aware there are many more, but we could not list them all.

The Flower Podcast

The Flower Podcast is a podcast that brings together members of the floral community to explore various topics, including flowers, trends, and business. Hosted by Scott Shepherd, this podcast delves into more than just flowers, featuring interviews with trendsetters, floral creatives, photographers, and growers.

The Slow Flowers Podcast

The Slow Flowers Podcast publishes a regular discussion on flower farming and floral design, emphasizing the Slow Flowers sustainability ethos. Every week, host Debra Prinzing engages with prominent personalities and trailblazers in the field, delving into crucial subjects such as preserving local flower farms and fostering a floral industry that depends on a secure, seasonal, and regional source of blooms and greenery.

Mornings With Mayesh

Yvonne Ashton and her flower-loving comrades convene monthly to discuss flowers and floral design, address your queries, talk about significant social media updates, and converse with noteworthy guests to keep you motivated. If you work in the floral industry, the Mornings with Mayesh podcast is one you don’t want to skip.

The Business & Pleasure of Flowers

In The Business & Pleasure of Flowers Podcast, Vonda LaFever and Lori Wilson team up to provide valuable insights, expert advice, and enjoyable recommendations on all things related to flowers.

While the floral industry is loved by many, it also presents difficulties that can cause one to overlook its benefits. This entertaining and educational podcast combines Vonda’s vast experience and knowledge of flowers with Lori’s expertise in teaching, life skills, and sales training.

Together, they provide insights into the latest trends in the floral industry and offer a glimpse into what the flower shops of the future may look like.

The English Florist

Tune in to The English Florist, hosted by Lindsey Kitchin, for a show focused on flower design, floristry, and the journey of becoming a florist. Listeners can submit questions for the show through the message button on the show’s webpage. New episodes are released every other Sunday, and the show is produced by Loading Zone.

The Cut Flower Podcast

This is the perfect podcast for cut flower enthusiasts. Roz Chandler, a seasoned cut flower farmer for almost a decade, is enthusiastic about assisting others in establishing their own cutting gardens.

The Cut Flower podcast is ideal for those who currently cultivate or aspire to cultivate cut flowers for personal enjoyment or commercial purposes and want to be a part of a thriving community.

The Floral Hustle

Jeni Becht is a highly experienced wedding and event designer with more than 25 years of expertise. Through The Floral Hustle podcast, she shares all the exciting insights into how she grew and evolved her floral business, achieving a sense of fulfillment, direction, and financial stability.

The podcast offers practical advice and tactics that can assist you in boosting both your profits and creativity while also finding a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in your floral enterprise.

Jeni is committed to helping people establish a business that motivates and inspires them. With her guidance, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed and experiencing burnout, and instead develop a sense of fulfillment in both your professional and personal endeavors.

2 Fat Guys Talking Flowers

This Jet Fresh Flowers podcast by two flower enthusiasts, Mike Black and Fernando “The Fern” Ortega, 2 Fat Guys Talking Flowers is about the floral industry and discusses hot topics, headaches that the industry is facing, and all things related to flowers.

Each episode is focused on a different topic, ranging from flower care and maintenance to tips on growing specific types of flowers to interviews with experts in the field. The hosts offer a fun and informative perspective on the world of flowers, making this podcast a great listen for anyone who loves to know more about the flower industry or simply enjoys the beauty of flowers.

Flower Circus Talks

Flower Circus Talks by The Flower Circus keep the industry updated on floral adventures, share interviews, and give the freshest tips and tricks twice a month to grow floral businesses. Hosted by Flower Circus’ very own director, John Elstgeest, this online talk show invites different floral magicians and entrepreneurs.

Different bright guests come on the show to talk and share floral insights and some knowledge about flowers and plants.

The Bloom Show

Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions’ Sahid Nahim hosts The Bloom Show, a floral industry show broadcast live every month on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook with the goals of fostering innovation, connection, and collaboration in all sectors of the floral industry. Different industry leaders, experts, and figures come on to the show as guests to discuss different topics and trends within the industry – giving all stakeholders in the industry a voice and a platform to share.

Just this year, The Bloom Show took a new direction with collaboration and connection at its core and started having guest hosts from different companies and sectors in the industry have an open discussion with their chosen floral peers as their own guests.

The core purpose of this show is to help the flower industry continue to Innovate, Connect, and Bloom- through community and collaborations.

Details Flowers’ Masterclasses

These masterclasses designed by Details Flowers are all about talking about flowers, growing a floral business, and learning more about the floral industry. Every month, they offer these masterclasses with the best leaders, designers, and educators in the floral industry who join Corrine Heck, the host of the masterclass and CEO of Details Flowers, as her guests.

The replays are available on their website, and they can be accessed at any time of the day. This show is helpful for all floral industry professionals and enthusiasts who want to have more in-depth knowledge and learn about the different parts of the industry.

J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom

This show is all about flower fun. J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom is being aired at public television (PBS) stations and is also available to stream via PBS Passport. It is presented and distributed in the U.S. by American Public Television. J Schwanke, the host and creator of this TV show, is a flower expert and professional speaker.

The show is now in its fifth season and emphasizes the health and wellness benefits of flowers. Florists and other floral viewers would enjoy this fun floral show from the comfort of their homes. Life in Bloom also features some flower farms, flower arrangement techniques, flower demonstrations, and many more. This show is for everyone who loves flowers.

The Flowers and Cents Show

Hosted by the owner and founder of Flowers and Cents, Willie Armellini, The Flowers and Cents Show is a floral industry show about floral industry buzz. Willie sits down with his guests to talk about different topics and all things related to the commercial floral industry.

This show is a great channel for greater insight into floral industry news and discusses topics such as growing flowers, floral organizations and their missions, floral markets, and others. This is a good resource for everyone who works in the floral business and wants to learn more about it.


Florist podcasts and shows can be a valuable tool for florists, growers, wholesalers, distributors, floral professionals, and start-ups and can help them stay informed, improve their skills, and grow their businesses. They are a great source of education and connection to other sectors, as they provide insights on various topics throughout all sectors, allowing for a constant flow of valuable information, and with information comes better decisions for all. We just wanted to share with you some of the shows we are familiar with, but we also want you to know that there are so many other great options out there for you to explore. If you have any suggestions that you think we should include in our next list, please don’t hesitate to let us know! Our main aim is to help our audience discover all the available resources for information.

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