That Flower Feeling celebrates as the brand’s first-ever ad campaign is named an ADCN finalist for Strategic Brand Ideas

The finalist nomination recognises the power of the creative and innovative nature of 180’s approach to launching a new brand across the market.

CALIFORNIA, USA, for immediate release, October 2022 – That Flower Feeling is celebrating its partnership with global communications agency 180 today, as its first-ever ad campaign ‘Flowers. Self Care Made Easy’ has been named as a finalist at the ADCN awards for Strategic Brand Ideas.

‘Flowers. Self Care Made Easy’ was created to amplify the importance of flowers in people’s lives by taking a comical look at the struggles faced by people trying to live up to the many self care routines on offer. Instead it poses an easier solution: flowers.

Flowers. Self Care Made Easy:

That Flower Feeling is a new consumer-facing brand created by 180 for CalFlowers, the leading floral trade association in California that also serves 48 states across the US. That Flower Feeling designed its launch campaign to encourage other flower co-ops across the US to get involved and spread the self care message even further afield.

Choosing the right partner was essential for CalFlowers to ensure That Flower Feeling’s campaign resonated with the intended audience, captured their attention and ultimately, changed their perception of flowers, from gifts for others to something that’s part of an everyday routine.

This year also marked the launch of the That Flower Feeling Foundation, a wholly independent 501c non-profit wholly independent from CalFlowers, to fund That Flower Feeling marketing campaigns in the future. CalFlowers has committed $1.5 million over the next three years to the Foundation and is looking to the rest of the industry to also contribute towards building and amplifying marketing campaigns that increase demand for flowers among US consumers and ultimately benefit the entire floral industry.

Steve Dionne, Executive Director at CalFlowers said: “We partnered with 180 to launch the That Flower Feeling brand across the US having seen the excellent work they’d done with fresh flower promotion in Europe. Given the 5,000 mile distance between the teams, we’re incredibly proud of the launch campaign, which has performed beyond all expectations. Not to mention being named a finalist in the Strategic Brand Ideas category at the ADCN awards. We’re excited to see what the future holds for this partnership.”

Pol Hoenderboom, Executive Creative Director of 180 Amsterdam said: “With ‘Flowers. Self Care Made Easy’ our aim was to take flowers from solely being seen as a luxury to a daily dose of self care. To receive recognition for our strategic and creative innovative approach is a mark of the power of our partnership with That Flower Feeling and a brilliant springboard for what’s to come.”

ADCN is the Club for Creativity in the Netherlands and its awards are one of the most prestigious across Europe. With this finalist nomination, 180’s strategy to connect the everyday use of flowers to self care is receiving recognition for the strength of its creative and innovative approach.

Steve Dionn e added: “CalFlowers’ aspiration with this important initiative was to create an enduring brand that the entire floriculture industry could embrace. ‘Flowers. Self care made easy’, with its light-hearted and edgy creative elements, presents a fantastic opportunity to engage with the right consumers in a completely new way. We are actively inviting all floral stakeholders with an interest in the growth of the U.S. market to voluntarily fund our ongoing marketing efforts, and continue to amplify our ‘self care’ messaging to millions of consumers.”


About CalFlowers / That Flower Feeling
The California Association of Flower Growers & Shippers (CalFlowers, formerly known as NORCAL) was founded in 1941 by a small group of flower shipping companies to foster the success of the California floral industry within the United States. Today CalFlowers is the leading floral trade association in California serving growers and the entire supply chain in the state and in 48 states across the nation. With its new consumer-facing brand That Flower Feeling, CalFlowers is aiming to collaborate with other floral industry associations to promote the floral industry in the U.S., striving to help more Americans enjoy more flowers more often.

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