The Bloom Crew: Dutch Flower House Sponsorship Unleashes Floral Artistry in Bloom Crew

In the world of social media, creativity knows no bounds. Platforms like Instagram have become the canvas for artists of all kinds, and the Bloom Crew is no exception. This group of talented influencers, brought together by their passion for floral artistry, recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Dutch Flower House, and the results were nothing short of breathtaking. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the vibrant and imaginative creations that bloomed from this exciting partnership.

The Bloom Crew

The Bloom Crew is a community recently created by Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions (AAF&NBS) specifically for florists and designers who want to become industry influencers. They are given the opportunity to tell their story, showcase their skills and talents, and build exposure for their businesses. They also have the chance to try new products from our network of growers and create content using these products.

By the way, a little side note here: if you wish to be part of the Bloom Crew and get the chance to become an influencer in the floral industry, click this link to apply:

We were super excited about this journey, and we can’t wait to share what we have done so far!

Dutch Flower House

Before we dive into the Bloom Crew’s captivating designs, it’s essential to acknowledge Dutch Flower House‘s role in this artistic endeavor. They are known for delivering high quality dried flower concepts to retail, hotels, and businesses. Dutch Flower House provided the Bloom Crew with a stunning array of dried blooms to choose from, ensuring that their creations would be nothing short of spectacular.

Floral Masterpieces Unveiled

Let’s get to the exciting part – the floral masterpieces themselves. Two of the Bloom Crew influencers showcased their unique styles through their arrangements for the first month. Below, we’ll highlight a few of their remarkable creations:


[Reel: ]

Discover from this reel of @thepartychica how she fell in love with the dried flowers from @dutchflowerhouse. She captioned, “I’ve got a new love…dried flowers! 💖🌸 After receiving and trying the products from Dutch Flower House, I’m a believer! Great for the boho reception or a home arrangement, these dried flowers made easy work for DIY displays.”

She also mentioned that these dried flowers smell as good as live flowers! Check more of her dried flower designs here:


[Reel link: ]

Here’s another detailed reel from @flowerloopnm doing some magic on the products from Dutch Flower House. You can hear in this video her compliment on how organized the DIY boxes are from Dutch Flower House and the amazing masterpieces you can create out of them.


The collaboration between the Bloom Crew and Dutch Flower House is a testament to the power of creativity and community. These talented influencers have shown us that when passion meets opportunity, magic happens. Their floral masterpieces not only brightened up our screens but also inspired us to explore our own creative endeavors.

If you’re a florist looking to grow your exposure and become an influencer in the flower industry, come bloom with The Bloom Crew! You can sign up for free and apply on becoming a Bloom Crew influencer through this link:

As we eagerly await the next sponsorship, we can’t help but look forward to the bloom of imagination and innovation that the Bloom Crew will undoubtedly bring to our feeds. Until then, see you on the next Bloom Crew blog!

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