The Bloom Show Takes a New Direction in 2023 with Collaboration and Connection at its Core

“We look forward to seeing the fun, insightful, and purposeful show our guest host comes up with.” – Sahid Nahim

Miami, Florida – (January 19, 2023) – The Bloom Show started in January 2021 on YouTube as a much-needed platform during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most recently, The Bloom Show also started to live stream via LinkedIn, another platform for floral industry professionals.

The idea that started it all was to give the flower industry a place to innovate, connect, and bloom with other industry peers and create opportunities for the guests to have an honest conversation with people they wanted to collaborate with. The Bloom Show has also done shows like the Women’s Roundtable, which highlights the women leaders of the floral industry, and this show is going into its third year in 2023.

This show is hosted by Sahid Nahim, who has 18 years of experience in the industry and is the co-founder of Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions (AAF & NBS). Sahid Nahim launched “The Bloom Show” once the pandemic hit because he saw a need to connect the entire industry, collaborate, and support each other during rough times. The Bloom Show was created with the goal of providing a platform for all flower professionals to share insights, marketing initiatives, strategies, and resources in order to help the industry come together.

The Bloom Show is taking a new direction and will now be focusing on collaboration and connection more than ever. To do this and take it one step further, The Bloom Show will allow guests to be the hosts and invite their own guests once a month.

“We hope that this new approach will help both our guest hosts and their guest(s) make more connections throughout the industry. We encourage our guest hosts to interview guests they do not know, such as competitors or people they admire in the industry. By doing this, we believe that it will help connect the floral industry even further. We look forward to seeing the fun, insightful, and purposeful show our guest host comes up with,” said Sahid Nahim, founder of The Bloom Show.

The guest host will be given the opportunity to come up with their own format and choose the guest or guests they would like to interview, while The Bloom Show panel shows and News Alerts will still be hosted by Sahid himself.

To start this off, we will have Maria Jose Flores of Jet Fresh Flowers as our first guest host of the year, together with Juanita Coloma, director of Jet Fresh Flowers. Catch them on January 24th, 2023 at 1 PM EST, live on LinkedIn and YouTube. Don’t miss it!

More about The Bloom Show
The Bloom Show is a floral industry YouTube Live show that helps the floral industry innovate, connect, and bloom through community, networking, and bringing information to the industry from within the floral industry and other industry insights as well. The Bloom Show believes that the more information the floral community has, the better decisions we can all make!

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