The Flower Wizard’s Wand May 2022

This edition was going to be just about our 2022 Mother’s Day Survey, but before we start, I can’t help but give my condolences to all the Mothers who lost their children in the event which took place in Texas.

We all know the horrible details, so I will spare everyone the pain of reliving it over and over again. These terrible events must stop. These senseless school shootings as well as other types of mass shootings must stop in this country.

Out of tragedy, a beautiful movement bloomed & the Flower Industry stepped up to the call and contributions came in from all sectors including logistic companies, wholesalers, growers, importers, florists, and numerous other related organizations. One wholesaler in San Antonio helped deliver over 380 boxes so far to help these grieving families with flowers to help soothe some of their pain.

To all the mothers in the world, we appreciate you and thank you for being the reason we do what we do. Flowers can heal and bring smiles all at the same time. This Mother’s Day was one to remember.

We took a moment to run a pre- Mother’s Day survey and a post mother’s day survey- with the purpose of comparing and here are the results.

For our Mother’s Day 2022 survey results, visit the links below:

Pre & Post Mother’s Day (Florists) | Pre & Post Mother’s Day (Wholesalers)

In summary, the Floral Industry is flourishing in terms of sales even with all the challenges we are facing. People are buying flowers and hiring more people to meet the demand. We all need to be careful managing costs and inflation in order not to price ourselves out of the market while still staying profitable.

Thanks as always,

The Flower Wizard

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