The Flower Wizard’s Wand October Edition “Back to the Future”

We are all wondering what we will face after we survived this most recent frenzy of crazy demand and supply chain issues.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day are right around the corner. We are still facing severe supply chain logistic issues as the evening news indicates nightly. Flower supply is now much better than in September and many prices have stabilized. Freight issues will still come into play and influence supply and prices for many months to come.

Hard good supply is short and prices reflect that, as both the domestic and import side have been hit hard with many issues. Demand in Canada may be increasing even faster

than demand in the states. Christmas greens prices are going to be at an all time high

due to shortages from this past summer’s heat waves as well as labor price increases and freight increases. We have surveyed many Christmas greens producers and

they feel there is enough labor to meet the demand. It is not unusual for the labor supply to increase when wages increase.

For next year 2022 is showing signs that there will be an increase in demand for flowers especially on the wedding side.

“2022 will see the most weddings since 1984!”

Staggering stat: There will be an estimated 2.5 million weddings in 2022, which is the most the U.S. has seen since 1984, according to The Wedding Report, a market

research firm. To put that in context, there were about 2.1 million weddings per year before the pandemic and just 1.2 million weddings in 2020, due to pandemic cancellations.

 “The surge is really coming on next year” ; says Shane McMurray, founder of The Wedding Report.

 As a result, venues are booked up through 2022, and even into 2023, and florists, photographers and planners are working overtime.

So, to quote a few industry people

“Hold on to your Aster”

On a great note to end with, we would like to acknowledge and thank profusely J.Schwanke, flower expert, fourth generation florist and creator of Truly a

person with a “Great Floral Vision” Thank you J for all of your support and collaborations with us, we look forward to many more.

He created and launched the first national television show that specifically features cut flowers. The show, J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom, also extolls the health and wellness benefits cut flowers provide to people of all ages.

Today a third generation of Schwanke’s web series on floral education called “At Home with FLOWERS,” is dedicated to the flower consumer — responding to the

expanded audience who watch J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom on public television. These videos provide inspiration, empowerment and instruction for everyone,

encouraging them to include flowers in their life, every day.

Since its early days, has provided complimentary subscriptions to Educators at all levels — elementary, middle school, and high school, ag teachers, and FFA sponsors — for use in teaching floristry to their students. Many teachers have limited or no budget for

educational materials and the content archive provides a tremendous resource for these teachers at no expense. Schwanke believes providing educational material so instructors and students can easily access it is a way to ensure the future of the flower industry.

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