Top Website Design Marketing Trends For 2023

With the new year comes new ways to improve your website!

And for the floral industry, this means keeping up with all the latest website design trends to create a highly functional, easy-to-use website — one that performs well and looks fantastic at the same time.

But, website design is about more than just building an online presence. It establishes your brand’s reputation, produces higher conversion rates, and generates potential clients no matter what sector of the floral industry you belong to.

Curious to see what website design trends 2023 will bring? Here’s how you can add that extra sparkle to your website this year:

1. Split Screen Layout

In this world of cluttered websites, a split screen layout offers that much needed visual balance by dividing a full-screen homepage into two or more vertical parts!

Its asymmetrical design appeals to the minimalist aesthetic of 2023 and it’s easy to customize. Instead of vertical, you can do horizontal or zigzag splits, or even some overlapping. But more than just visual appeal, this design also helps navigation by drawing the user’s attention to a specific part of the screen.

This is especially ideal for floral businesses that offer a lot of different services — from wholesale seasonal packages to full-on floral wedding services — since this layout makes it easy for customers to find the specific service they need right away.

2. Photo-Heavy Content

If a picture is really worth a thousand words, then the photos on your website are the first thing customers see when they open it!

Studies show that websites that are heavy on visuals tend to perform better than those that are not — so expect to see high-quality, professional photos filling up the majority of the landing pages this year.

The good news for the floral industry is: flowers are naturally beautiful, so you already have plenty to work with. But it’s more than just making your products look good, they should also be optimized for SEO and social media sharing.

This visual-centered trend is also helpful for flower farms and growers since it expands market reach by connecting them to an online network of distributors and wholesalers. By presenting multiple angles and close-ups of cut flowers as well as the farms where they are grown, potential customers get an accurate visual depiction of the farm’s brand values and goals such as sustainable farming and permaculture.

3. Custom Cursors

Like other 90s trends making a comeback, expect to see the re-emergence of the custom cursor this year. 

When viewing a website from a desktop device, the cursor is the main component that bridges the gap between user and website. Replacing the default cursor with unique designs and adding interactions like hover animations and click effects will give users direction in an engaging way — showing them where to go and what to do.

Custom cursors are also a great way for newcomers in the floral industry; like entrepreneurs and startups to stand out from the competition, build brand recognition, and create a memorable and immersive experience on their website.

4. Parallax Scrolling

The modern day web users don’t just want to view a website, they want to be engaged and involved in it!

This is why parallax scrolling is set to be one of the biggest website design trends this year. With this design technique, the website background moves at a slower pace than the foreground. The result? Added depth and a more immersive browsing experience.

This is a particularly useful technique when it comes to photos of flowers, creating a sort of optical illusion: a faux-3D effect as people scroll through the site.

For wholesalers and distributors, parallax scrolling also allows them to store information on the varieties of flowers and floral supplies they offer in a single place, without turning the site into a multi-page web page. Thus, making navigation easier for users.

5. Fluid Gradients

2023 is all about bold, vibrant colors. And this trend has already made its way to website design in the form of fluid gradients.

Characterized by colors that blend smoothly into one another, this design is sometimes called “Aurora Gradient” because of its visual similarity to Aurora Borealis, the northern lights. Aside from adding an artistic touch to websites, it also channels the attention to the background of the page without distracting the user, creating a visual flow between screens!

This website design trend is bound to be a surefire hit for florists and consultants this year because it allows them to flow through various hues of one and the same color — a technique similar to actual flower arrangements.

Take Your Website To The Next Level This 2023!

2023 will bring an interesting mix of website trends to the floral industry — and our team of expert website developers here at Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions is ready to incorporate these latest trends to help you create a visually appealing, high quality website. If you want to learn more about website design and how it can help grow your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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