U.S. Greens Corp: A Floral Industry Website Success Story

U.S. Greens Corp is a global distributor of flowers and floral cut greens. The company takes pride in providing fresh flowers and greens, exceeding expectations set by their customers. In addition to providing 100 items from all over the world and its state-of-the-art cooling rooms, U.S. Greens Corp is known for its dedicated sales team and excellent customer service. Having been around since 1988, the company has optimized its process and provides high-quality decorative greens and fresh flowers.

Most people would look at this profile and assume the company was doing well online. However, when the team from U.S. Greens Corp first reached out to us, their online presence was negligible. Their website was completely outdated, emphasizing the importance of improving their online customer engagement. 

Fortunately, New Bloom Solutions is well-versed in technology reviews, and we got to work right away. After thoroughly reviewing their website and online presence, we determined they needed an updated website, an online presence on different search engine platforms. This, in combination with search engine optimization (SEO), would ensure they rank highly in Google My business and could be found by customers.

In a few short months, this strategy proved to be highly successful. U.S. Greens Corp not only saw an increase in visitors to pages, but also an uptick in the time spent on pages. Their conversion rate was also optimized as new customers kept pouring in.

If you have a website that isn’t serving its purpose or needs to be revamped, New Bloom Solutions can help. Here’s what we can do to transform your online presence. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Without search engine optimization (SEO), you miss out on the very start of the sales funnel – awareness. If customers don’t know who you are, they can’t pay for your products and services. 

Increase Your Credibility 

Since your website is a customer’s first impression of your business, your website must look credible. Otherwise, they won’t convert and may go to your competitors instead. We can revamp your website and help you gain more authority. 

Generate More Leads

Floral industry websites help you reach a larger audience than simply running a physical store. As such, it can result in lead generation and can bring in new customers. 

Get You Started in E-Commerce

Floral e-commerce is one of the newest trends in the floral industry, and it’s not one that’s going away any time soon. According to IBISWorld, online floral businesses are worth $5.1 billion in the U.S. alone. Now is the perfect time to embrace floral e-commerce and set up your floral industry website to cater to online sales.New Bloom Solutions has a team of trained experts, including graphic designers and developers, who understand the floral industry. We have been working with florists, wholesalers, growers, and distributors for many years and can help you perfect your website and online presence. Schedule an appointment with us here.

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