The Bloom Show, hosted by Sahid Nahim, a floral industry marketing and business development specialist, aims to inspire innovation and community across all sectors of the floral industry. We cover topics such as floral industry marketing, innovation, customer service, employee development, e-commerce, logistics, and much much more. We want to build a place where everyone in the floral industry, from florists to farmers and everyone in between, can come together to share their knowledge, ideas, and love for this great business.



The Bloom Show Takeover: Floral Marketing Strategies with Christi Lopez

Christi Lopez of Propel Business Coaching took over The Bloom Show on June 11, 2024, at 1 PM EST. Christi explored marketing strategies tailored for the floral industry in today’s market.

She explained how having a clear marketing plan is like having a GPS for your business. Just as a GPS guides you to your destination, an effective marketing strategy helps your floral business achieve its goals.

Watch how to grow your floral business and attract more customers with smart floral marketing strategies!

The Bloom Show: Floral Industry Recruitment Insights from Pam Lopez of Pollen Talent 

In this episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Pam Lopez of Pollen Talent, a floral industry recruiting agency dedicated to nourishing the floral industry with top-notch talent.

This is a must-watch for anyone in the floral industry, whether you’re a floral business owner looking to hire top talent or you’re a candidate seeking to grow your career in the floral industry. 🌼💼

Explore the insights shared by Sahid Nahim and Pam as they discussed the best practices and strategies for recruitment, onboarding, and creating a great work environment to help floral businesses flourish! 📈


The Bloom Show: Your Guide to Floriexpo 2024—Insider Insights & a Sneak Peek

Did you miss our exciting episode of The Bloom Show with industry experts Lauren Streeter and Jessica Eames from Floriexpo on May 14, 2024?

This episode was packed with insider insights for the upcoming Floriexpo! Whether you were seeking new floral products, floral design tips, or meaningful networking opportunities, this event delivered a treasure trove of opportunities for both floral professionals and enthusiasts. 🌟

Catch a glimpse of what made Floriexpo one of the premier events for flower wholesalers, florists, and other sectors in the floral industry in the United States by watching this replay of The Bloom Show.

The Bloom Show: Exploring New Hoja Verde Flower Varieties with Hernan Davila

In case you missed it, we had the pleasure of interviewing Hernan Davila, the Corporate Sales Manager at Hoja Verde, on a recent episode of The Bloom Show! 🌺

Make sure to watch this replay as it provides valuable insights into:

🌹 the hottest color trend for Mother’s Day 2024

💐 new Hoja Verde flower varieties for US wholesalers

🌿 how Hoja Verde ensures freshness and longevity

🌱 expert advice for wholesalers and growers seeking to introduce new varieties

and more!

Don’t miss out on this enriching conversation filled with profitable insights!


The Bloom Together Takeover: How Mother’s Day Fits w/ Obligation Floral Purchasing Theory of P&P

We were excited to host Thomas Prince from Prince & Prince, Inc. as he led a captivating discussion on consumer floral purchasing for Mother’s Day.

Thomas delved into the significance of Mother’s Day in the floral industry, presenting research on consumer floral purchasing trends. His insights underscored the substantial percentage of floral-buying households that purchase for Mother’s Day, hinting at the holiday’s potential as a promotional vehicle for year-round sales.

This episode promises invaluable insights for floral business owners aiming to maximize profits during this pivotal industry event. 💯🌹

The Bloom Show: Unveiling the Secrets of Premium Wholesale Roses with Bellaflor

🧒🏼 Florists and wholesalers, we recently explored the fascinating world of wholesale roses with Bellaflor Group on The Bloom Show! 🌹

In case you missed it, we had the pleasure of interviewing Sean Hug, General Manager of Bellaflor. During the episode, Sean shared valuable insights and strategies that have had a positive impact on the flower industry. He highlighted the importance of innovation, quality assurance, effective communication, environmental sustainability, community engagement, and employee well-being for the success of floral businesses.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Bellaflor Group for sponsoring this enlightening episode. 💐 🌸


The Bloom Show with Ripelocker – Pinch Me! Store Me! Don’t Waste Me!

The Bloom Show already aired its enlightening episode on March 19, 2024, featuring esteemed gentlemen guests from RipeLocker—George Lobisser, CEO; David Gonzales, Board of Directors (previously COO at The Queens Flowers); and Richard Kim, Director of Pathology.

They delved into intriguing topics such as responsible holiday production accumulation, the technology behind RipeLocker, the exploration of modular units and containers for easy handling, and much more.

Whether you’re a flower grower, shipper, or retailer seeking insights on prolonging freshness and managing fresh flowers, this show was tailor-made for you! Don’t miss out on this educational conversation and empower yourself with knowledge.

The Bloom Show: Empowering Blooms – Inspirational Women Leading in the Flower Industry

🧒🏼 In line with the Women’s Day celebration, we hosted an exciting event—the Women’s Day Roundtable on the Bloom Show last March 5, 2024 on WF&FSA’s FDC! 🤩💐

The panel featured talented women leaders in the floral industry, including Jazmin Albarran from Seed Your Future, Laura Walsh from Smithers-Oasis North America, Yvonne Ashton from Mayesh Wholesale Florist, and Stephanie Evans from Bill Doran Company.

The show was hosted by Sahid Nahim, Williee Armellini, and Lane DeVries of Sun Valley Floral Farms.

🌸 These industry leaders delved into pivotal questions, offering invaluable insights into the experiences, challenges, and aspirations of women leaders in the floral industry, inspiring others to pursue their passions and break barriers.

The Bloom Show: Innovating Blooms – Shaping the Future of Floral Industry

Hey, flower business owners! Did you miss the Bloom Show’s episode about the future of floral innovation? 🚀

Watch this captivating replay of the Innovation Roundtable, where Sahid Nahim and Williee Armellini sat down with industry leaders—Ana Maria Ramirez of Danziger, Varvara Goroshevich of BiFlorica Marketplace, Bill Prescott of Sun Valley Floral Farms, Juan David Lecuona of Deliflor Americas, and Jose Li of 71lbs.

Catch up now to discover:

🗣️ How outreach, engagement, and technology drive innovation.

⚙️ The power of automation in streamlining operations, from managing shipping refunds to more.

💐 Strategies to highlight the true value of flowers, focusing on wellness and aesthetics.

💰 The benefits of investing in automation, team education, and user experience design for efficiency and satisfaction.


The Bloom Show: E-Commerce in Floral Industry w/ Liza Roeser of Fifty Flowers

Step into the dynamic world of floral industry e-commerce as we interview Liza Roeser, the visionary mind behind FiftyFlowers, on February 27th, 2024! 🌸

In this episode, we covered important insights that we believe are really beneficial and profitable for your floral business.

Whether you’re a floral wholesaler or a retailer, this session promises valuable insights to boost your online presence and sales.

The Bloom Show – Bloom Together 2024 Beneficiaries: Seed Your Future and American Floral Endowment

In this insightful Bloom Show interview, we delve deep into the invaluable work of the American Floral Endowment and Seed Your Future, two organizations dedicated to nurturing and advancing the floral industry. And by the way, this year, they are chosen to be the beneficiaries of the Bloom Together Event 2024, powered by AAF&NBS.

🔍 Dive into the realm of floral research with the American Floral Endowment, where every study and discovery impact every sector of the floral industry. From production to transport, temperature control to customer care, their research efforts can help wholesalers, retailers, and even customers have longer-lasting, better-quality flowers.

🌱 Discover how Seed Your Future is sowing the seeds of opportunity for those eager to cultivate a career in the floral industry. Through mentorship, education, and industry networking, they empower aspiring floral professionals to find their path and make meaningful connections to the industry.

💐 Learn why every donation, no matter how big or small, makes a difference in the floral industry, especially for non-profit floral organizations.


The Bloom Show: Ecuadorian Floral Industry News Update Edition w/ Eduardo Letort of Hoja Verde 

In these challenging times for Ecuador, where the government’s battle against drug trafficking is making global headlines, we bring you an in-depth perspective directly from the heart of the floral industry. We explored how the current situation is affecting Ecuador and its potential impact on the global floral market, especially with Valentine’s Day approaching.

Eduardo Letort shared his valuable insights on these critical issues, offering an exclusive look into the possible effects on one of the world’s most significant flower markets. In these challenging times for Ecuador, where the government’s battle against drug trafficking is making global headlines, we bring you in-depth Ecuadorian floral industry updates with Eduardo Letort of Hoja Verde.

Watch the full interview for some Ecuadorian floral industry news!

The Bloom Together Takeover with Thomas Prince 

Join us for the exclusive presentation titled “Consumer Floral Purchasing for Valentine’s Day: Historical Trends and 2024 Market Projection” by Thomas Prince from Prince & Prince Inc.!

📊 Thomas will unveil insights gleaned from four nationwide surveys conducted over the years, tracking consumer floral purchasing from 2000, 2007, 2013, and 2019. Get ready for a deep dive into trend lines, exploring overall Valentine’s Day purchasing patterns and specific trends among key consumer demographic segments.


2024 Floral Trends Forecast with Melinda Knuth and Charlie Hall

We’re excited to announce the grand finale of the 2023 Bloom Show! Join us on November 28, 2023, at 1 p.m. EST for a lively conversation with our special guests, Melina Knuth, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at North Carolina State University, and Charlie Hall, Professor at Texas A&M University.


Proflora 2023 Booth Interview with Kees Gram of Royal Van Zanten | Episode 8

In this must-watch floral industry vlog, you’ll:
🌼 Hear why returning to Proflora was so important for Royal Van Zanten and what it means for the floral community.
♻️ Learn about their “plant a tree” initiative and other eco-conscious and floral industry sustainability practices that are making a positive impact.
📊 Get the scoop on the hottest floral trends—vintage colors are taking center stage!
🌺 And prepare to be amazed by the stunning new varieties showcased in their booth tour. Royal Van Zanten Breeding is bringing the wow factor with incredible sizes and colors! 😱

Proflora 2023 Booth Interview with Catalina Arango of Flores del Este | Episode 7

Join us for a behind-the-scenes look as Catalina Arango from Flores del Este shares insights into their renowned hydrangea farm in Colombia and their commitment to quality. Discover why participating in Proflora 2023 is crucial for them to stay on top of emerging floral trends in the flower industry, particularly those influencing the future of hydrangeas and other blooms.

Proflora 2023 Booth Interview with Carlos Brijaldo of Thermoform | Episode 6

Thermoform has revolutionized the flower industry with innovative solutions designed to handle flowers with the utmost care using plastic. 🌼 Discover how they’ve crafted unique designs that adapt to various types of flowers, ensuring preservation during flower production. With a product lifespan of up to 20 years, their commitment to quality and longevity is truly impressive.

Proflora 2023 Booth Interview with Cristina Vaughan of Grupo Andes Farms | Episode 5

In this episode, our host Sahid had an enlightening conversation with Cristina Vaughan of Grupo Andes Farms!

With a legacy spanning glorious years, Grupo Andes Farms journey in the floral industry is nothing short of extraordinary! Cristina emphasized the pivotal role of INNOVATION and forward-thinking in not just surviving but THRIVING in the floral industry! 🌷🌐

Proflora 2023 Booth Interview with Deliflor Americas | Episode 4

Join us for the fourth episode of Proflora 2023 Booth Interviews, where Sahid enters the captivating booth of Deliflor Americas with David Marín.🌼✨

But that’s not all! Keep your eyes peeled and your excitement high as Juan David Lecuona makes a special appearance toward the end of the interview. 🤩

Proflora 2023 Booth Interview with Monica Miranda and Takeshi Nakamoto of Bijo | Episode 3

Meet Monica Miranda and Takeshi Nakamoto of Bijo, an extraordinary couple hailing from two different worlds—Colombia 🇨🇴 and Japan 🇯🇵. 🌍❤️ Their love story began through their shared passion for flowers, leading them to a unique adventure! 🌸💞

Proflora 2023 Booth Interview with Rodrigo Leiva and Talmage McLaurin | Episode 2

Join us for an exciting booth interview featuring THREE remarkable companies in one booth: Esmeralda Farms, Sunshine Bouquet, and Genviv, represented by Rodrigo Leiva and Talmage McLaurin! 🌼💐🌻

In this captivating booth interview, these floral trendsetters unveil why Proflora is the place to be for making game-changing connections and staying ahead of the floral trends! Also, they’re giving us a sneak peek into their treasure trove of genetics and top-notch floral products.

Proflora 2023 Booth Interview with Joaquin De La Torre of BallSB | Episode 1

Sahid had the pleasure of interviewing Joaquin De La Torre of BallSB to explore how Proflora unites industry professionals from around the world and dove deep into the trending topic of sustainability in the floral industry!


The Bloom Show with Lane DeVries

On September 12th, 2023, we had Lane Devries, the CEO of Sun Valley Floral Farms, as our special guest for this episode of the Bloom Show. Explore Sun Valley’s remarkable ilex program and its impact on the floral industry by watching this show. 🌺

Listen to the enriching conversation that celebrates the beauty and innovation flourishing in the floral industry. 🌻

Special thanks to Sun Valley Floral Farms for sponsoring this show.


The Bloom Show with Flower Clique Ladies and Amy Desperito

Amy Desperito from Natural Flowers joined our guest hostesses Vonda Lafever, Ellie Lafever, and Lori Wilson for a discussion that dove into captivating topics on sustainability practices, variety and seasonality, and so much more.

You won’t want to miss this insightful conversation. Watch now!

The Bloom Show with Juan David Lecuona

On Tuesday, August 22, 2023, we had a very special guest who joined us on The Bloom Show—Juan David Lecuona, Commercial Director of Deliflor Americas.

Starting as an account manager for a farm, he went on to venture into his own flower business. He then became the Commercial Director for another farm, and now he’s the Commercial and Marketing Director for Deliflor Americas. For four whole years, he’s been on the Marketing Committee of Asocolflores, and for five years, he served on the Floral Council for IFPA. And this is his third year on the Grower’s Council for SAF.

Juan David Lecuona shared Deliflor’s incredible sustainability plans and unveiled not one, not two, but THREE new categories of chrysanthemums!

Special thanks to Deliflor Americas for sponsoring this show.

Sneak Peek of Proflora’s Return with Augusto Solano

Watch this Bloom Show with host Sahid Nahim and guest Augusto Solano of Asocolflores as they talk about the upcoming #Proflora2023! Discover the history of this international cut flower show in Colombia, its main purpose, its impact on the floral industry, and more.


Bloom & Learn, An Educational Series: Floral Photography and Collaboration Series With Renee Jael

Get ready to elevate your floral design game in this special guest host episode on the Bloom Show with Renee Jael of Renee Jael + Co!

It was such an exciting discussion on photography, building strong relationships, and capturing marketable portraits of your stunning floral creations or your flower crops.

Don’t miss out on this invaluable guide to creating captivating floral design portraits for your flower business. No matter what sector you are in, you can learn something that will help show your product in a better light and how florists can collaborate with photographers.

The Bloom Show: Guest Host Nicole Palazzo with Sam Bowles & Cameron Pappas

Get ready for this exciting episode of The Bloom Show last July 18, 2023, at 1 p.m. EST, exclusively on our YouTube channel. 🌺

Our guest host was Nicole Palazzo, the Sales and Marketing Specialist of City Line Florist. She was accompanied by industry experts Sam Bowles, GM & Creative Director at Allen’s Flowers and Plants, and Cameron Pappas, Owner of Norton’s Florist, Events & Gift Baskets. They delved into discussing NextGen in more detail, sharing its significance in the flower industry, and sharing some fun stories.



With Paul Schoorl from Royal Van Zanten

Here’s another episode of the Bloom Show with Paul Schoorl from Royal Van Zanten exploring the remarkable and out-of-this-world Astronova flower. Discover its characteristics, its value for consumers, and the endless possibilities for arrangements and events by watching this show.


Special Correspondent Show Post-Mother’s Day with Joost and Arnold

Are you curious about how Mother’s Day this year went for the floral industry?

Say no more! In honor of Mother’s Day 2023, Joost Bongaerts of Florabundance and Arnold Wittkamp of Thursd joined us for a special correspondent broadcast to fill us in on the latest happenings in California and Holland and how it went this year.

On May 30th, 2023, at 1PM EST, Sahid Nahim presented The Bloom Show with guests Joost and Arnold.

We thanked our dear sponsor, US Greens Corp., for making this great episode possible.

Guest Host Show with Andy Arthur and Guest Martin Otten of Rosa Flora

May is another month of exciting shows on The Bloom Show!

Andy Arthur, of Kennicott Brothers Company, was our special guest host this month, and he was accompanied by Martin Otten, the sales manager at Rosa Flora Limited, a large cut flower greenhouse in North America.

Find out about Rosa Flora’s products and amazing technology by watching this video.



What’s the Pinch?

Representatives from four leading rose growers joined The Bloom Show: What’s the Pinch?

“What’s the Pinch?” was a very special episode where we discovered about the process of rose pinching.

These were our amazing guest lineups:

Nicholas Chang, VP of Sales and Marketing of Rosaprima
Edwin Verdezoto, President of Royal Flowers Group
Rodrigo Leiva, VP of Sales & Marketing of Esmeralda Farms
Eduardo Letort, CEO of Hoja Verde

Special thanks to Chrysal for sponsoring this show!

You don’t want to miss this special episode. Click the video to start watching.


Guest Host Show with Jimi “The Tulip” Santoli and Guest Barry Gottlieb

Let’s all welcome a new guest host to the show this month of April, Jimi “The Tulip” Santoli of Jet Fresh Flowers!

He was joined by an author, a speaker, and a success mentor, none other than Barry Gottlieb. Let’s hear some of the best advice directly from Barry and what wisdom he can share from his own experiences in the floral industry.

You definitely don’t want to miss this!


Special Correspondent Post-Valentine’s Show with Joost Bongaerts

How was the California flower industry on Valentine’s Day 2023? Get an update as Sahid interviewed Joost Bongaerts from Florabundance on The Bloom Show on February 22, 2023. That was indeed an amazing discussion. Watch it now!


Guest Host Show with Corrine Heck and Alejandro Perez

A SPECIAL GUEST HOST joined us in the Floral Startup Founders special episode.

Watch this special episode of The Bloom Show: Special Guest and Startup Founders—Corrine Heck of Details Flowers and her guest Alejandro Perez of Komet Sales!

That was an exciting show—and you don’t want to miss it! What are you waiting for? Click the video on the right and don’t forget to subscribe.



The flower industry has a lot of women. How does it feel working with other women in the floral industry? Let’s get to know more about the journey of Juanita Coloma, who is the director of Jet Fresh Flowers, in the floral industry, and her love for flowers in all their forms, as she was interviewed by the first-ever guest host, Maria Jose Flores, from Jet Fresh Flowers.

Don’t miss this fun-filled interview! 


What makes selling flowers through e-commerce different? Watch this live interview with Saralyn Revello Bliss from UrbanStems to find out why sellers should become more storytellers and educators than just sellers. This will help ease the pain points that the ecommerce sector of the floral industry faces. You can watch the full interview video by clicking the video.



Hear the latest news about the energy crisis happening in Holland and how it affects the industry by watching this interview between Sahid and Ernst Jan Bos. In the interview, Ernst Jan Bos discussed the impact of this crisis, not just in the Netherlands but also across the globe.


Get inspired and get some tips and tricks on how to successfully start your vlog for your floral business from Blake Bussie. WFFSA’s very own Social Media & Digital Manager, and host of The Flower Movement, joined us on November 15th at 1 PM EST to spread the #OneFlowerFamily spirit and be our guest at The Bloom Show.

So what are you waiting for? Watch it now!

The flower industry has been here for quite a long time now. Join us as we go back in time on this special episode of The Bloom Show: Blooming Down Memory Lane as we look back on how the industry started and where we are now since then. Watch us as we discuss what has been, what we have now, and what we can look forward to in the industry in the future.

The amazing set of guests, including Red Kennicott of Kennicott Brothers, David Kaplan of Above All Flowers, Larry Howkins of Continental Farms, Morey Moss of Berkeley Florist Supply, Colleen Taber of Gardens America, and Mike Black of Jet Fresh Flower Distributors and Growers, will be joining us on this unique panel interview on November 22nd, 2022 at 1 PM EST.

Be sure to watch and don’t miss it!


Established in 2013 in Miami, EcuaMia Flowers is your go-to source for all your fresh-cut floral needs. We have the honor of being joined by their President, Tomas Melloni, and told us more about how they do their business and about the new software innovation their company is up to.

We also found out how they incredibly managed to keep all of their employees during the pandemic without any layoffs or furloughs.

Last March at WFFSA, Williee Armellini of Flowers and Cents and Sahid Nahim had the opportunity to sit down in the Marketing Roundtable and hear about the amazing floral initiatives from Equiflor Corporation, Continental Flowers, and CalFlowers “That Flower Feeling”. This time, we will get an update or recap of that interview we did at WFFSA this year.

On October 18th at 1:00 PM EST, Steve Dionne AAF, Jeanne Boes, Joost Bongaerts, Oscar Fernandez, and Eric Fernandez joined us live on LinkedIn and YouTube.


Most people are familiar with the flower industry in Ecuador. But what and how exactly is the flower industry in Ecuador? In this episode of The Bloom Show, let’s find out more about the Ecuadorian Flower Sector as we discover more about the Expo Flor Ecuador 2022 convention, when and how it started, and what makes this event different than other conventions.

Alejandro Martinez, the Executive President of Expoflores, will join us live on September 13th, 2022, at 1 PM EST. So don’t miss it!

In this episode of The Bloom Show, we’re proud to introduce this new technology that puts control back into your hands. The RipeLocker is a unique patented technology with a powerful economic and environmental benefit. It is ideal for any business and is especially beneficial where customers value freshness above all else, like in the flower industry.

Together, let’s discover how it is different from other innovations and the science behind them as Sahid interviews George Lobisser, CEO of RipeLocker on September 27th, 2022 at 1 PM EST. Mark your calendars and tune in!


Experience some flower magic here on The Bloom Show live with John Elstgeest, Director of Flower Circus as we talk about their company, how it all started, and what we can look forward to.

Last week, Sahid Nahim had the pleasure of attending The Next Gen Event hosted by the Society of American Florists.

This event was a great success, bringing over 150 Next Gen attendees. The event was filled with awesome educational tracks and fun field trips that resonated with everyone in attendance.

We truly enjoyed the energy and networking and would recommend this to anyone who wants to invest in your Next Gen.

Join us as we go live from the Next Gen Roof Top Party in Miami. Tune in and enjoy the Miami Vibes.

To end our Bloom Show Live at SAF Next Gen, DWF’s Stephanie Campbell, James Sechler, and Ryan Spratt will be our guests as we discuss their experience at this year’s event. Know more about how DWF helps support the Next Gen.

The Bloom Show, a collaboration between Blumundi and SAF, is still going strong at SAF Next Gen. We are so excited to be joined by two colleagues from Flower Clique, Ellie LaFever and Lori Wilson as we learn more about their company and how they support initiatives like this, and let’s take a peek on their presentation.

The fun at this year’s SAF Next Gen Live! is still going on. Next up, we will be joined by Renato Sogueco AAF, PFCI from BloomNet and Jessica Kegerreis from Syndicate Sales, Inc. on The Bloom Show Live at SAF Next Gen 2022 brought to you by Blumundi and SAF.

These two companies have a lot to teach you about photography, including some best practices.

This year’s SAF Next Gen Live! is a lot of fun. The Bloom Show Live at SAF Next Gen 2022 is brought to you by Blumundi, Inc. in partnership with SAF. Our first guest, Nicole Palazzo of City Line Florist will join us to talk about her experience at the event and what more we can expect from it.


Adam Campbell, Publisher of The Produce News, will tell us more about the organization and how businesses may benefit from collaborating with them. We’ll also get some pointers on how to find topics to write about.

This July, beat the heat and watch this pre-recorded interview with Marco Groot of Hilverda De Boer USA as he shares how the company built an extensive network of logistical solutions to deliver farm-fresh flowers quickly and directly to their clients since the founding of their company in 1909.

Join us and tune in to watch two friends hanging out as Marco Groot shares the ways that the flower industry changed after COVID. Check out how Marco shows off his new style and rocks a sports coat and shorts!


Before we end the month of June, Mark Dubner joined us here on The Bloom Show to talk about his secret to being a supermarket whisperer. Tune in as we discuss more about the mass market industry and hear his insights. Get to know more about Stellar Bouquet and Stellar Farms and hear some tips about their state-of-the-art harvesting and cooling processes.

As protests in Ecuador continue, the floral industry, among other industries, has been greatly affected. Get a live update of what’s happening and how affected the different sectors of the flower industry are in Ecuador and how they are coping with it.

Floriexpo 2022 was a great success! If you guys missed the show, here are a few snippets of our favorite booths. We hope you enjoy them.

As of early this week, protests in Ecuador due to the end of gasoline subsidies have triggered a state of emergency. Protesters have blocked major roads and access to airports, causing many issues and delays in the flower industry.

This morning we will be going live with Eduardo Letort, CEO of Hoja Verde and President of the Cayambe Association of Floriculture.

We hope to bring you an update on how these protests affect the flower industry today and in the near future.

The Bloom Show is on fire this month of June! To kick things off, join Sahid Nahim as he interviews the GM & Editor in Chief of Thursd, Arnold Wittkamp, on Tuesday, June 14th, 2022 at 1 PM EST. is your floral meetup destination, where they allow floral industry professionals to gather on their largest international floral platform and connect with one another.They allow floral fans to decide what to watch and what to follow.

Let’s all tune in and discover more about Thursd directly from Arnold.


This special Bloom Show episode was hosted by Sahid Nahim and guest panel moderator Megan Conyers. The goal was to find solutions to logistics issues through collaborations and to let the industry hear a unified message of the issues and solutions spanning all sectors of logistics and perishable cold chains within the flower industry and others.

May is another month full of surprises here at The Bloom Show. We are so excited to be joined by Pieter Landman, CCO of Sande Flowers, as we talk about the supermarket trends and other European and North American trends that are changing throughout this pandemic. Tune and find out more about Pieter and Sande Flowers.


We are so excited to be joined by the host of “J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom” on Public Television and Create TV Networks, which has over 92 million households reached each week, J Schwanke. Join us as we talk about the 30-Minute TV Show about flowers every week on TV and the benefits of this in the floral industry, their Season 4 Premiere, the CREATE TV Marathon, and many more. 

Watch and take a look at some of the responses from some amazing experts and professionals in the floral industry on what collaboration means to them and how we can be intentional in building more community across sectors.

The excitement of April for “The Bloom Show” is just starting. We had the privilege of having Williee Armellini of Flowers and Cents join Sahid previously as a co-host in the special editions of “The Bloom Show.” In this episode, we are so thrilled to have the honor of inviting Williee this time as a guest!

Join us with Corrine Heck from Details Flowers and Mike Black from Jet Fresh Flowers and Growers as we talk about their new collaboration working together and how their experiences were at SAF CAD. Tune in as Sahid speaks to these 2 new friends and highly respected people in the industry.


Flower Moxie has grown from a company that nets thousands of dollars in sales to millions. Before we end the month, we will be joined by the Kingpin of Moxie, Liam Neeson of Weddings, and the Owner and Founder of Flower Moxie, Amy McCord Jones. She founded the online DIY wedding flower company, Flower Moxie, in 2014. What began as an extra-travel-money-side-hustle has grown into one of the most successful and resourceful online DIY wedding flower businesses. Tune in to find out more.

Join Sahid Nahim as he gives us a live update from SAF CAD all day today, March 29th, 2022.

WFFSA was 2 weeks ago, but it keeps giving us these amazing gifts and content. Join us for a quick interview at FDC this year with Steve Dionne of CalFlowers.


Despite the fact that WFFSA was just two weeks ago, it continues to provide fantastic gifts and content. This year at FDC, we’ll have a quick chat with Ryan Black of Jet Fresh Growers.


Join us for a quick peek into our booth at FDC this year, where we featured our clients Alex Frost and Hypervend.


In this special edition of The Bloom Show, live from WFFSA-Women’s Day Roundtable, we are very thrilled to bring you amazing women who are industry leaders. Join Sahid Nahim and Williee Armellini of Flowers and Cents as they interview five incredible female leaders and be inspired by their stories of how they got started in the flower industry.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to sit down with industry leaders once more and discuss various floral industry marketing initiatives and how wholesalers, growers, distributors, and florists may benefit from and become a part of the efforts. Watch the WFFSA Marketing Roundtable with hosts Sahid Nahim and Williee Armellini from Flowers and Cents and guests Steve Dionne from CalFlowers, Eric Fernandez from Continental Flowers, and Oscar Fernandez from Equiflor Corporation.

We’re back with Flowers and Cents at WFFSA for this year’s event, which has the theme “Breaking Boundaries & Bridging Divide.” First, we’ll hear from WFFSA’s Executive Vice President, who will give us an overview of the event and what to expect this year. Tune in to learn more about the Flower Movement and its mission.


March is another month of amazing collaborations here at The Bloom Show. We will start it with Gabriel Becerra, President of the WFFSA, and Dominique Abney, Director of Marketing and Sales of WFFSA. It’s fascinating to learn about the flower movement. So join us in this episode as we learn how wholesalers, florists, and growers can all contribute to the flower movement. 


HyperVend, a floral industry innovation, is in Colombia for the launch of their flower vending machine. Get a sneak peek of Hypervend before its U.S. premiere at the WFFSA/FDC convention from March 7th–March 9th. We are proud to be featuring our client’s innovation at New Bloom Solutions and Above All Flowers FDC booth #509. Make sure to visit us, as we help the flower industry to Innovate, Connect, and Bloom.



Join us on The Bloom Show in this month of hearts as we will be joined by a fearless founder/leader and energizer bunny, none other than the CEO of Flower Clique, Vonda LaFever. We will be talking about the importance of building a community within the flower industry and how important florist websites will be in the future for all sectors of our industry. 


It’s another awesome year of opportunities to Innovate, Connect, and Bloom the floral industry through more innovations and collaborations here at The Bloom Show. We are kicking off 2022 with flower care and solutions experts, Jim Kaplan of Chrysal USA Inc. and Steve Daum of FloraLife. Make sure to join us live this January 13th, 2022 at 12 PM EST as we bring you tips on how the floral industry can improve on floral care handling and other solutions when it comes to logistics and flower care products. Join us as we continue to Innovate, Connect, and Bloom the floral industry together. 


We will be talking to a logistics expert, Megan Conyers, Executive Vice President of the Florida Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association (FCBF). As an international business growth and strategy executive, Megan is focused on growing the opportunities for the Florida logistics community through advocacy and education. Let’s find out what’s really happening in logistics worldwide within the floral industry.

We’re so excited to share with you this interview with Alex Frost as we go to the IFTF Show Live in Holland.


October is here! We are so honored that Rodrigo Leiva from Esmeralda Farms joined us and shared insight about Esmeralda Farms and the direction in which the company as a whole is headed. Enjoy the show and discover more about the floral industry.

If you guys missed the SAF show, here are a few snippets of our favorite booths. We hope you enjoy them. 


Last but not least, we are ending September with another amazing collaboration here at “The Bloom Show”. We are excited to have Eli Perez, the President of Splendor Proteas. We will discuss how growers like him came into the flower industry. Growers, wholesalers, and florists can learn more from him about Proteas and hear about his other helpful insights about the floral industry.

If you guys missed the International Floriculture Expo (IFE) show, here are a few snippets of our favorite booths. We hope you enjoy them.

We have awesome collaborations in store for you this month of September as we talk about e-commerce, marketing, and more, only on “The Bloom Show.” We will start it with the Verdissimo Innovaflora Group’s Director of Commercial, Jaime Borge, and Account Manager, Yenelly Vidal. We will get to know more about Verdissimo and about the cool preserved flowers, the process behind them, and the production of roses. Jaime and Yenelly will also share some great innovations they offer that we can look forward to. Enjoy the show and let’s bloom the flower industry together!

It is a great pleasure to be able to interview guests from different floral associations. Join us and Williee Armellini from Flowers and Cents as we feature three state floral associations, namely Great Lakes Floral Association, Florida State Floral Association, and Texas State Floral Association, and their representatives, Rodney Crittenden, Jackie Lacey, and Cheryl Vaughan. We hope you enjoy this series live at SAF Orlando 2021 to virtually bring the floral industry to the event, especially our dear florists, wholesalers, growers, distributors, and more.

We were live at SAF Orlando 2021 with Flowers and Cents’ Williee Armellini. Get inspired and join us as we are joined by American Floral Endowment’s Board Members, Patrick Dahlson and Dwight Larimer, as our guests. This year’s theme for SAF Orlando 2021 is “Reconnect, Recharge, and Get Inspired.” We will be sharing this series of shows with our floral community, and this is dedicated to all our floral peers, including florists, distributors, growers, wholesalers, and many more. So, we encourage everyone to tune in. 

Once again, live at SAF Orlando 2021 with Flowers and Cents’ Williee Armellini. We got the chance to interview the Society of American Florists’ very own CEO, Kate Penn. We’re so happy to learn more about how SAF prepared and organized this amazing event to help florists in the flower industry grow and connect. Stay tuned to know what’s in store for the floral industry and what guests can expect from this event by the Society of American Florists.


“The Bloom Show” has another cool innovation collaboration in store for you with guest Morey Moss from Berkeley Florist Supply. Morey Moss is the Owner and President of Berkeley Florist Supply. We will talk about the main challenges wholesalers face since COVID. This month is Floral Wholesaler month, where we will be bringing you insight into the wholesale sector post-COVID. Enjoy! 

“The Bloom Show” has another cool innovation collaboration in store for you with guest Nick Fronduto from Jacobson Floral. Nick Fronduto is the Chief Operating Officer of Jacobson Floral Supply. We will talk about freight costs within the floral industry. This month is Floral Wholesaler month, where we will be bringing you insight into the wholesale sector post-COVID. Enjoy!


Join us once more on “The Bloom Show” with guest Alex Cano from South Florida Transit. Alex Cano is the President of South Florida Transit, and we will talk about how they help out with the existing issues the flower industry is facing today in terms of logistics. Tune in and learn about logistics in the flower industry. Alex and his team ship flowers throughout all of South Florida and they work with flower wholesalers, florists, importers, and floral distributors in order to continue the flower cold chain. Floral industry logistics and logistics in general are a very hot topic right now, and we hope to help shed some light on solutions by interviewing Alex. Enjoy!

Join us again on “The Bloom Show” with guest Amnon Zamir from CARGOLITE. Amnon Zamir is the R&D Manager of CARGOLITE and he will tell us about how CARGOLITE works, and how this amazing product can help with some of the issues the floral logistics industry is experiencing. Cargolite is a pallet and box standardization innovation that helps reduce cost, time, and labor with the floral industry transportation and logistics sector.

Join us this July for another amazing month of awesome collaborations on “The Bloom Show” with guest Christine Boldt. This time, we will be collaborating with AFIF’s Executive Vice President, Christine Boldt, to learn more about AFIF and how people from the floral industry can join them. Tune in to learn more.


Join us once again on “The Bloom Show” as we continue with some exciting collaborations. We will be covering floral industry convention shows and networking opportunities. New Bloom Solutions will be collaborating with the Society of American Florist’s CEO, Kate Penn, as we talk about the importance of SAF’s role to the floral industry in this COVID situation. Tune in to learn more.

Join us live this month at WFFSA as we collaborate with industry leader Williee Armellini from Flowers and Cents to interview three groups of two competitors each at this year’s WFFSA theme “Better Together, Stronger Than Ever.” We believe that we are better together and we can all learn from each other. We will be covering topics such as COVID best practices and where we are now as an industry. We have our 3rd group of special guests, Anne M. Stewart, who is the Vice President of Smithers-Oasis Company, and Dwight Larimer, who is the President of Design Master Color Tool, Inc. Tune in to learn more about what wholesalers and distributors can do to collaborate with their companies.

Join us this month live at WFFSA as we partner with industry leader Williee Armellini from Flowers and Cents to interview 3 groups with 2 competitors at a time at this year’s WFFSA theme “Better Together, Stronger Than Ever”. We believe that we are better together and we can all learn from each other. We will be covering topics such as COVID best practices and where we are now as an industry. We have our 2nd group of special guests, Juan David Lecuona Madrigal, who is the Commercial Director of Deliflor, and Ana Maria Ramirez, who is the Commercial Director of Danziger. Tune in to learn how breeders can work together better to grow and connect with each other in all sectors of the industry.

Join us this month live at WFFSA as we partner with industry leader Williee Armellini from Flowers and Cents to interview 3 groups with 2 competitors at a time at this year’s WFFSA theme “Better Together, Stronger Than Ever”. We believe that we are better together and we can all learn from each other. We will be covering topics such as COVID best practices and where we are now as an industry. We have our first group of special guests, Brad Quinn of Prime Inc., and David Armellini, who is the President of Armellini Logistics. Tune in to learn more about what the industry needs to do to reduce the complexity of floral delivery.

Join us this month live at WFFSA as we partner with industry leader William Armellini from Flowers and Cents to interview 3 groups with 2 competitors at a time at this year’s WFFSA theme “Better Together, Stronger Than Ever”. We believe that we are better together and we can all learn from each other. We will be covering topics such as COVID best practices and where we are now as an industry. We have our very own Interim Executive Vice President of WFFSA, Molly Alton Mullins, at 9AM to discuss how the theme came up and what we should look forward to at this event. Tune in to learn more.

Join us this month on “The Bloom Show” for some exciting collaborations. We will be covering floral industry convention shows and networking opportunities. New Bloom Solutions will be collaborating with EMC’s CEO and COO, Tomas de Bruyne and Christi Lopez, as we talk about the Integration Show EMC Go Live Event. EMC is bringing a star-studded line-up of industry leaders from all sectors. Tune in to learn more.


Join us for another floral innovation with Eric Egberts of Bloomy Pro. Eric and his team have found a way to reduce cost, shrink, and improve design education and communication with Bloomy Pro, which is a revolutionary 3D technology software for the floral industry. This product is very exciting for all sectors of the floral industry, from florists to mass market, wholesalers to education. Tune in to learn more. 

Join us on May 18th at 1pm for Innovation Month on “The Bloom Show” with our guest Alex Frost. Alex Frost is an innovator and investor in FloraBot, which is positioned to be the future of floral design and bouquet production. With an array of innovative products such as branded floral coolers, Alex Frost and his team are on a mission to innovate in the floral industry. Tune in to learn more.