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Showcase Your Innovative Brand with a Robust Web Design

Frustrated with a website that’s not generating and converting the right prospects? Our web development team understands the ins and outs of the floral sector and tailors our web development and SEO services to the specific demands of your floral business. The end result? A website that your company loves and converts visitors to clients.

Our Web Development Services include:

Web development

Be found online and convert clicks into customers with a well-optimized website

Without a strong presence online, you lose the ability to communicate with your target audience and grow your brand. AAF and NBS help you develop an interactive, unique web page design so you can win your customers’ trust. We provide everything from website design and consulting to search engine optimization (SEO) and site maintenance.

Unlike other providers, we not only create amazing websites, but as floral industry experts, we understand what it takes for your website to bloom in the flower industry. We know the intricacies of the floral industry, so working with us will save you a lot of time and money from training new developers who are unfamiliar with how the floral trade works. When you work with us, you’ll get a robust website that knows exactly how to help your floral business succeed.

Our Latest Projects by Sector

Ponte Tresa

Established in 1985, Ponte Tresa is a leading Swiss-owned Ecuadorian rose farm. They are a driven group that pursues greatness with honesty and integrity. Their dedication to their employees, community, and environment distinguishes them as a pioneer and leader in the cultivation of roses with true environmental and social conscience. Their commitment to reducing environmental […]

Magic Flowers

Located on the gorgeous coast of Ecuador, Magic Flowers is a family-owned and operated business with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Its main goal is to give people all over the world access to a wide range of unique, long-lasting tropical flowers. For marketing purposes, we helped them establish connections with associations […]


Since 1988, Silvestres has been cultivating flowers in accordance with the most stringent quality requirements, devoting its full attention to the growth, marketing, and shipping of fresh cut flowers. Through flowers, they want to send feelings from Colombia to all over the world. With their noble intentions, we were able to put them in touch […]

Zion Flowers

Located in Antioquia, Colombia, between the two picturesque communities of La Ceja and La Union, Zion Flowers is a farm specializing in the distribution of hydrangeas in a variety of colors and sizes and the cultivation of flowers for over 15 years. They also export the most beautiful flowers to Miami and the rest of […]

U.S. Greens

US Greens is a family-owned, third-generation business that has produced premium greens for over seven decades. Ray Bert and Joe Wetta started their business in 1946. Since then, it has grown to include alfalfa, barley grass, kale, oat grass, spinach, and wheatgrass. The goal of this website development project was a complete 180-degree turn. With […]

Berkeley Florist Supply

Berkeley Florist Supply has been in operation for more than 75 years, making it one of the longest continuously operating businesses in the city of Miami, Florida. As a long-term customer, Berkeley’s relies on us in numerous ways. We created a custom website for them that was tailored to their unique technological experience and their […]

Paradise Flowers

Paradise Flowers has been in business for more than seventeen years, providing customers with the highest quality hydrangeas, orchids, roses, and other types of flowers. Because of our knowledge in the floral sector, we were able to improve the Google ranking of their website such that it now appears at the top of the first […]

Louisiana Wholesale Florists

In 1961, the floral requirements of the expanding community of florists in Louisiana spurred the founding of Louisiana Wholesale Florists, Inc. It is a well-known wholesale business in the Baton Rouge and Lafayette areas of Louisiana. For LWF’s business-to-business customers, we designed a website for them that functions as both a source of information and […]

Gardens America

Gardens America, Inc. is a family business that is currently in its third generation of ownership. In 1969, the company began importing and distributing freshly cut flowers from Colombia. They became experts at finding, importing, marketing, and distributing the most unique fresh-cut flowers from anywhere in the world. For several years, they have relied on […]

BloomyPro [3D Floral Design Platform]

Anyone can do flower arranging in virtual space using BloomyPro. It gives teachers the opportunity to introduce students to the wide variety of fresh cut flowers available while also allowing them to construct virtually the most imaginative bouquets they can imagine. They have digitized over 3877 different kinds of flowers. It also lets them figure […]

Speaking Roses [Flower Printer]

Speaking Roses has developed a simple-to-use, high-quality flower printer. This high-tech and economical flower printer does not use a decal or a sticker. At a rate of six to ten roses per minute, the flower printer embossed brilliant or metallic colored ink straight into the petals. Additionally, it is capable of customizing a wide variety […]

Hypervend [Floral Retail Automation]

Flower shops could utilize HyperVend to cut costs, increase inventory turnover and stop worrying about whether customers will buy their flowers when they are closed. Thanks to HyperVend’s unique thermal cooling system, flower arrangements are always fresh and can be bought at any time. As a first step, AAF&NBS helped them spread the word about […]

Fleurography [Photo Editing Service]

Fleurography is a startup that enables florists, growers, and other businesses to edit and enhance their product images at a low cost. With this new platform, they can save time and money by getting professional images taken for their website, look book, and social media without having to hire a photographer. As this company collaborated […]

Fresh-o-Fair [e-commerce]

Fresh-o-Fair, which has more than 30 years of experience in the floral market, provides its customers with the freshest and most beautiful flowers directly from Latin American farms that are socially and environmentally responsible. Over 20 flower farms may be accessed by their customers, and the company is open and honest about the quality of […]

Boomquet [e-commerce] is a renowned direct-to-florist website. We developed an email marketing campaign to reach over 15,000 florists. We assisted in optimizing all email marketing, allowing for an effective call to action and a straightforward ordering procedure. Through that, its market reach has increased by 50%, with the number of returning customers increasing daily. We have […]

Blumundi [Videography]

Adam Mace established Blumundi in 2021. Adam has worked in the floral sector his entire career, for a bouquet manufacturer, importer, and technology provider. Adam has always had a strong desire for company expansion, as well as a passion for photography and videography. So, in 2021, he used his skills and desire to help other […]

Manzo Foods [Perishable Goods]

Manzo Food is a market-leading Italian food provider with a significant presence on Amazon. They want to see an immediate return on their investment through their website, and so we created one that has a broad array of choices and upgrades. We built a website with several different options for making purchases, such as business-to-business, […]

Cal Air Cargo [Air Cargo Line]

Since the 1980s, the California-based company Cal Air Cargo, Inc. has been transporting flowers using the majority of the world’s airlines. To make it easy for their clients to find information, get answers to their questions, and solve their problems, we designed a website with Cal Air’s consumers in mind. As a result, they are […]

The internet offers a goldmine of prospects for all sectors of the flower industry, and we can help you use its strength to your advantage! With our website development services, you can establish your digital presence and explore your market potential now. Interested in discussing how our web development services can help you expand your flower business?