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The Bloom Show SAF Orlando Edition

The Bloom Show Live at SAF Next Gen 2022

Bloom Show SAF Orlando Edition

We are so happy to bring you The Bloom Show live on SAF Next Gen Live! last August 1st, 2022 in partnership with Blumundi, Inc. and SAF, with the support of Flowers and Cents. Everyone was invited to join us as we welcomed special guests from different companies to share their insights and experiences about the event and provide a brief overview of their presentations.


This year’s SAF Next Gen Live! was a lot of fun. The Bloom Show Live at SAF Next Gen 2022 was brought to you by Blumundi, Inc. in partnership with SAF. As our first guest, Nicole Palazzo of City Line Florist joined us to talk about her experience at the event and what more we can expect from it.

Join us as we get to know more about Nicole!

Next up, we were joined by Renato Sogueco AAF, PFCI from BloomNet and Jessica Kegerreis from Syndicate Sales, Inc. on The Bloom Show Live at SAF Next Gen 2022 brought to you by Blumundi and SAF.

These two companies have a lot to teach you about photography, including some best practices.

We were so excited to be joined by two colleagues from Flower Clique, Ellie LaFever and Lori Wilson as we learn more about their company and how they support initiatives like this, and let’s take a peek on their presentation.

To end our Bloom Show Live at SAF Next Gen, DWF’s Stephanie Campbell, James Sechler, and Ryan Spratt was our guests as we discussed their experience at this year’s event. Know more about how DWF helps support the Next Gen.

The Bloom Show SAF Orlando 2021 Edition

Bloom Show SAF Orlando Edition

We are back with another special series “Reconnect, Recharge, and Get Inspired” “Bloom Show” episode – as we partnered with industry leader William Armellini from Flowers and Cents and interviewed 3 groups from different floral associations in the floral industry.

This project was a huge pleasure. Apart from being able to work once again alongside Williee Armellini, this time we were able to interview 6 amazing industry specialists from different respected floral associations.

This was truly another great experience this year. It’s truly inspirational what these associations do to help our industry grow despite the challenges we face in this time of pandemic.

Once again, a huge thank you to Williee Armellini and to all of the guests who spared their time despite their busy schedules to have a chat with us.  A very big thank you to Kate Penn from the Society of American Florists for the support.


It was truly inspirational speaking with Patrick Dahlson and Dwight Larimer from American Floral Endowment and know more about the amazing programs they offer to support our dear retail florists, as well as the opportunities they offer within the floral and horticultural industries.  

We are really grateful to have this opportunity again to sit down and speak with Kate Penn from Society of American Florists. The recent SAF event in Orlando really helped the industry to Reconnect, Recharge, and Get Inspired. 

We had special guests from 3 different state floral associations namely Rodney Crittenden from Great Lakes Floral Association, Jackie Lacey from Florida State Floral Association, and Cheryl Vaughan from Texas State Florists Association.

These association leaders have been working so hard to help support its members during COVID in pivoting.