Berkeley Florist Supply

Berkeley Florist Supply has been in operation for more than 75 years, making it one of the longest continuously operating businesses in the city of Miami, Florida. As a long-term customer, Berkeley’s relies on us in numerous ways.

We created a custom website for them that was tailored to their unique technological experience and their customers’ requirements. Our website strategy contributed to a rise in the number of new customers who signed up from 0 to an average of 20 new customers each week, 25 new e-commerce orders, and 90 monthly blog subscriptions from potential customers. The website makes it easy to acquire price quotes and set up accounts for B2B transactions.

In addition to this, it is search engine optimization (SEO) optimized, which made it rank first and second in Google search in Miami, Florida, and South Florida. As a result, it received 125 new walk-in customers a month. Through the development of an influencer program, an Instagram live show, workshops, and partnerships with local companies and floral designers, we helped them establish a significant presence for their brand throughout South Florida. When it came to hiring new employees, we brought in five salesmen to help boost the company’s culture, customer service, and sales. The company’s website, Google My Business, and PRs are also taken care of by us.



I would like to tell you about two companies that have been an incredible help in improving my business with sales, website enhancement, buying from important farms, connecting with other industry members, and generally bringing more awareness of Berkeley Florist Supply Company to the world.

Both New Bloom Solutions, operated by Sahid Nahim, and Above All Flowers, operated by David Kaplan, have been assisting my business for several years and do an amazing job.

Their help after our opening after the return of COVID on April 28, 2020, was invaluable.

Their insight, energy, enthusiasm, and care about the floral industry have been amazing.

They help us to improve our business every day.

Sahid is a great specialist when it comes to social media, networking, and collaborations, and David has become one of the deans of the industry for many years, knowing where to buy any flower in the world from great farms.

They are both very important people in the world of the floral industry and are much appreciated by anyone who needs their services.

— Morey Moss, President


Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions is here to help you innovate, connect, and bloom within the floral industry. Contact us for more information.

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