BloomyPro [3D Floral Design Platform]

Anyone can do flower arranging in virtual space using BloomyPro. It gives teachers the opportunity to introduce students to the wide variety of fresh cut flowers available while also allowing them to construct virtually the most imaginative bouquets they can imagine. They have digitized over 3877 different kinds of flowers. It also lets them figure out prices, profit margins, and costs for bouquets.

We help them build their business by introducing them to others in our networks who could be potential clients. A focus group was also set up to help them figure out what strategies worked best for their company and how to make the most of what they already had.

They were able to broaden their brand’s visibility and increase their potential customer base as a result of all the efforts we made for email marketing, social media promotions, partnerships with influencers, and PR releases. We have promoted and represented them as their collaborators at “The Bloom Show,” “The Bloom Together After Party,” and other floral conventions.

They also solicited our advice on how to do market research in the United States and how to best convey their brand’s message. Lastly, we also helped them recruit specific people who could help them grow their market and improve their product.


As BloomyPro, we would like to have your attention to the great marketing work New Bloom Solutions and Above All Flowers have done for us and for the floral industry.

We know the floral industry very well and we know that innovation, digitalization, marketing, and collaboration are not the natural skills of a floral entrepreneur. Small companies lack the knowledge and power to pay attention to this. This is reflected in the fact that many small shops are disappearing. For the bigger retail providers or wholesalers, it is also not a daily activity. They are busy with growing businesses for less margin.

As BloomyPro, we try to innovate and bring digital services to the US floral market. But it is hardly impossible to get into this industry by ourselves. Since 2021, New Bloom Solutions and Above All Flowers have supported us in building networks. They have helped us build new relationships and new business.

What makes them unique?
1. All the energy that Sahid and David put together to bring people together and start with new ideas to innovate and digitalize the industry is great. It brought us five new customers and many more new relationships.
2. They collaborate with every part of the industry. They are very well connected from retailer to consumer. They facilitated The Bloom Show and Bloom Together After Party for the industry. These kinds of events are a big help for us.
3. They also help to recruit new staff members.
4. They share insights.

For BloomyPro, and we think for the whole industry, New Bloom Solutions and Above All Flowers are important parts of the next step for the industry as a whole.

— Eric Egberts, MBA | Founder


Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions is here to help you innovate, connect, and bloom within the floral industry. Contact us for more information.