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We help all flower industry sectors reach their goals through collaborations, network building and specialized business solutions.

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We find and support awesome startups, providing them a platform to bring in their innovative products that can help the floral industry bloom. So stay tuned as we bring you the next biggest start-up and innovative solutions to the floral world!

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We connect you with information and people throughout all sectors of the flower industry so you can stay informed, expand your network, and grow your business. Join our network of flower professionals and companies to make new connections and learn more about the flower industry through The Bloom Show, Let's Bloom Newsletter, Live Bloom Shows at conventions, Bloom Together After Party, and more.

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We are your go-to for all the services you need to run your floral business, from marketing, website design, and business development to product procurement and more. With us, you get a highly experienced solutions provider that understands the floral industry inside and out. Let us know your business's needs and we'll find the best solution for you.

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Some of the results we've achieved:

  • Magic Flowers: 30 new buying customers in less than 6 months
  • Louisiana Wholesale Florists: 45% increased in customer website engagement
  • Louisiana Wholesale Florists: 10 new weekly customers sign ups
  • Berkeley Florist Supply: 20 new weekly customers
  • Berkeley Florist Supply: 25 new e-commerce orders
  • Berkeley Florist Supply: 90 monthly blog subscriptions
  • Berkeley Florist Supply: Ranked first and second in Google search
  • Berkeley Florist Supply: 125 new walk-in customers a month
  • Paradise Flowers: Ranked first in Google search ranking for their location
  • Cal Air Cargo: 10-15 potential clients per week
  • Boomquet: increased market reach by 50% 
  • US Greens: 79-90% new website visitors
  • US Greens: 10-21% returning website visitors


We help all sectors of the flower industry by expanding their network, increasing brand awareness, and improving sales. With us, you won’t have to spend countless hours searching for solutions outside of the floral industry and crossing your fingers hoping they deliver. 

We put you in touch with tried-and-true floral industry specialists that offer solutions for all of your problems, such as recruitment, website design, SEO, product procurement, advisory services, networking, sales, business development, and more.

If you want to stay on top of the game and expand your floral business without wasting time and money, set up a time to talk!

From floral retailers to front-line farmers, Above All Flowers & New Bloom Solutions partners with clients at every segment of the floral industry to help transform their organizations, embed innovation into all they do, and build businesses that thrive.

We take a consistent approach to floral industry consulting and operational advancements so that we can quickly deliver customized, performance-based growth strategies. As a results-driven partner, our clients depend on us to execute through the complex, critical challenges our industry is facing—to empower sustainable, long-term successes.





Farms and Breeders

We help farms and breeders build their brand by expanding their market reach and increasing their customer base and sales by connecting them to our network of buyers. We also connect them to additional services such as Web Development, SEO, Business Development, Product Development, Advising, Logistical Solutions, Advertising Opportunities, and more.


Distributors and Wholesalers

We partner with distributors and wholesalers to increase sales and expand their network by connecting them with other members of our network such as growers, hard good suppliers, collaborative opportunities, and floral industry vetted business solutions like Web Design, SEO, Recruiting, Advising, Affiliate Programs, Product Procurement, and more.



We help florists and designers grow their businesses, increase ROI, grow their network, and stay up-to-date with information on all aspects of the flower industry by linking them directly to AAF-vetted growers, suppliers, and innovative startups. We also provide an environment for collaboration and sharing of information where florists can connect and learn from all sectors of the flower industry.



We find and support amazing startups and entrepreneurs, giving them a platform to introduce their ground-breaking and innovative products that can spur growth within the flower industry. So stay tuned as we bring you the newest start-ups and creative floral industry innovations that aim to help the flower industry continue to innovate, connect, and bloom.

Ready to
Use our collaborations and business solutions services to take the next step in growing your floral business. Contact us to learn how AAF & NBS can help you achieve your business goals.


Be one of our satisfied clients!

Happy Florist

One year with New Bloom Solutions and our customer base has doubled! Their tailored approach to floral marketing not only enhanced our brand's visibility but also connected us with valuable networks in the industry.

Gardens America | Kristin Gilliland

It is a pleasure to work with Sahid and his team at NBS. Their energy and their passion for our industry are infectious. I have hired three employees using their recruiting services and am now working with them to redesign my website. Their professionalism is top notch! I look forward to many future projects with them.

Louisiana Wholesale Florists, Inc. | Cindy C. Comeaux

It has truly been a pleasure to work with New Blooms Solutions in developing our website for Louisiana Wholesale Florists, Inc. We have received countless numbers of new site members and opened many new customer accounts over the last 2 years. Sahid Nahim always goes above and beyond to make sure our business continues to thrive. He sends us blogs on a monthly basis to keep our web presence active and interesting. He also keeps in touch with us to let us know how we can improve our web presence. We appreciate all he has done to keep Louisiana Wholesale Florists, Inc. up-to-date with the ever evolving technology of the internet. Thank you, Sahid and New Blooms Solutions, for all you have done and continue to do for us.

South Florida Transit LLC | Alex Cano

We have been working with New Bloom Solutions for several months, and the scope of work and attention to detail has been amazing. The organization is very meticulous and aware of their customers' needs. I would highly recommend New Bloom Solutions for your marketing strategies.

Thursd. | Arnold Wittkamp

I’ve come to know Sahid as a very driven person, with an outstanding knowledge of the flower industry. As a marketing specialist, Sahid contributed to Thursd's marketing communications by writing press releases and personal blogs for targeted media, helping to set meetings at trade shows, sending out newsletters, and developing business cases and marketing strategies for I enjoy working with Sahid. He is always eager to learn about new areas of marketing and does an excellent job of expanding our marketing efforts in the US. Our market penetration increased tremendously after Sahid got involved. Sahid is also a great writer who comes up with creative ideas for our marketing materials. I recommend Sahid for any contribution to marketing. Call me if you need additional information. I'd be happy to tell you more about Sahid's achievements and importance to Thursd.

Speaking Roses | Rene Rodriguez

It’s been a tremendous privilege to work with New Bloom Solutions. Their leadership, ethics, network, connections, and integrity are absolutely impeccable. Through their strategy and resources, we have been able to close on close to 10 transactions, two of which are extremely strategic for the future of our company. Definitely a dream team that is hard to find these days! We are super excited about our friendship and business relationship with them.

QuickFlora | Alex Frost

We have been working with David and Sahid for over a year now, and they have been instrumental in connecting us with mass market companies to help expand our reach into this market segment. In particular, our relationship with Naranjo Roses in Quito, Ecuador, has been very positive in terms of our expansion into Latin America. We would like to highly recommend them to any floral company or brand that needs to expand market share.

Magnifica | Agustín Calisto M.

We made one of the greatest decisions in the opening of a new farm when we decided to work with New Blooms Solutions and Above All Flowers. The support these companies brought to our farm started from the conception of the business: we defined together the strategy for entering the market. This included testing our concept with designers, florists, importers, and wholesale florists. I couldn't have found a better partner for this launch. They have increased my success probabilities by 300% or more. Also, the integrity perceived in every decision, looking always to add value to everyone participating in all transactions, is admirable.

Magic Flowers | Claudia Sáenz

Since many years ago, Magic Flowers and Above All Flowers have been more than participants in the same industry; we have been friends through long sessions of networking and brainstorming. With New Bloom's addition to our friendship, we have enlarged our possibilities, reached great projects and opportunities, and met fantastic people.

Jet Fresh Flowers Growers S.A. | Michael Black

If you don’t know this dynamic duo, you should. They are the ying to each other’s yang. They have made floral history by connecting digital media and business consulting into one great package. They have set the bar high and the passion they have for helping wholesalers, growers, retailers, trade associations, and others be successful in many ways is something I’ve never seen before. As for my personal experience, we have created strategic partnerships that are very unique and flow both ways.

Fresh-o-Faire | Claudia Muñoz

The cooperation with Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions has brought us a lot for our business. They have helped us directly and helped us get in touch with the right people to move our business forward. Also, thanks to Sahid's advice, we found events and opportunities which we have been able to take advantage of and grow as a company. We have also been able to take advantage of the improved prices thanks to his recommendation. Thanks to all these changes, we have gained new clients and new opportunities.

Alorè Event Firm | Anna Noriega

Working with Sahid Nahim and New Bloom Solutions has been a true pleasure. His ability to bring new ideas and create lasting partnerships in the field is extremely valuable. His connections and creative marketing partnerships with companies such as Yelp and Berkleys have given us the opportunity to branch out and showcase our brand to new viewers and clients. He has a wonderful vision for finding ways to elevate your brand and unique perspectives on how to drive sales. He provided real value to our South Florida floral and event community, and that is something we truly value.

Berkeley Florist Supply Company | Morey Moss

AAF and NBS have been an incredible help in improving my business with sales, website enhancement, buying from important farms, connecting with other industry members, and generally bringing more awareness of Berkeley Florist Supply Company to the world. Their insight, energy, enthusiasm, and care about the floral industry have been amazing. They help us to improve our business every day. Sahid is a great specialist when it comes to social media, networking, and collaborations, and David has become one of the deans of the industry for many years, knowing where to buy any flower in the world from great farms. They are both very important people in the world of flowers and are much appreciated by anyone who needs their services.

BloomyPro | Eric Egberts

What makes them unique?
  1. All the energy that Sahid and David put together to bring people together and start with new ideas to innovate and digitalize the industry is great. It brought us five new customers and many more new relationships.
  2. They collaborate with every part of the industry. They are very well connected from retailer to consumer. They facilitated with The Bloom Show and Bloom Together After Party all parts of the industry. These kinds of events are a big help for us.
  3. They also help to recruit new staff members.
  4. They share insights.
We believe that New Bloom Solutions and Above All Flowers are critical components for taking the industry to the next level.

Blumundi Inc. | Adam Mace

I've been in this industry for over 20 years, but when it came to starting my own company, no one was more influential and supportive than Sahid Nahim of New Bloom Solutions. Sahid quickly reached out to me to learn more about how I could help within the industry, and then went out of his way to connect me with stakeholders in order to effectively amplify their marketing efforts. He didn't view me as a competitor, but instead as a collaborator with whom we could work together to propel the industry forward. He has a great vision for the immense potential of this industry, and it is wonderful and refreshing to actively work with him towards that goal.
the bloom show

Hear from all sectors of the floral industry, from best practices in e-commerce to current issues affecting the flower industry throughout the supply chain. We also bring you a behind-the-scenes look at floral conventions and special panel events.



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