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The Wizard's Wand News - November Release
  • December 1, 2022
The Wizard’s Wand News – November Release

Good day from the Wizard, Happy Holidays! On November 30th, the Dow was up 737 points, the GDP was up 2.9% annually (as of the last quarter’s government revision), and it looked like Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales were strong. 197 million shoppers engaged in spending last weekend. On another note, let’s talk about […]

Wizard's Wand August 31st
  • November 2, 2022
The Wizard’s Wand News – October Release

Good day from the Wizard, Inflation, Inflation, InflationInterest rates, Interest rates, Interest ratesElection, Election, Election I know we are all tired of constantly hearing the same things or seeing the same ads on television. We are hearing from many that the fall has been less than stellar for sales. Everyday business has been off, according […]